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We believe that today more than ever, seeing and hearing isn’t enough. Instead, it’s the experiences people have that leave a lasting impression and drive them to make a change. The In Group is not only about creating great brand experiences, we’re also about delivering results – whether that is increased sales for your brand or changing the mindset of your customers.

Chris Coffey

Managing Director

Chris set up The In Group 15 years ago to fill a need in the market for an agency that could deliver better results for product sampling and brand activation campaigns in the FMCG and healthcare industries.

Chris draws on her extensive experience holding senior marketing positions for GSK and Microsoft, as well as running the Australasian healthcare agency Grey Healthcare. 

“I get a huge buzz out of seeing campaigns succeed. I enjoy working with our amazingly talented team to develop smart, creative campaigns that deliver results recognised at an international level.”

Tanya Mackisack

Talent and Operations Director

Shaimaa Ali

Senior Campaign Manager

Brad Moore

Campaign & Logistics Manager

Joy Tsang

Group Campaign Director

Laura Wester

Scheduling Manager

Chelsea Bachellier

Talent and Scheduling Assistant

Bethany Pettengell

Campaign Manager

Josephine Greenaway

Warehouse Manager
what our clients say
“Chris and her team at The In Group make great business partners who are quick to adapt to our often fluid plans whenever required. Their zest and professionalism are to be applauded."
Winnie Foo
Brand Manager | Nestle Cereals
"We have been immensely pleased with The In Group and the samplings that they have run for some of our New Zealand brands. The team have made everything a breeze and provided in-depth reports from each activation. We look forward to working with the team again in the future."
Kathryn Hayward
Marketing Manager | Red Shoots