How much do grocery in store demos cost?

How much do grocery in store demos cost?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “How much will it cost me to do in store demos for my brand?”

The is a difficult question to answer off the cuff because there are wide range of variables that must be considered, most of which can impact on cost.

On average, you can pay anywhere from $250 up per session. Sessions are mostly 3-4 hours on busy store days and times.

In our experience the majority of campaigns have a cost of between $320 and $350 per demo inclusive of all costs except sample product. These costs include things like staff costs, display stand hire and branding, uniforms, props/cookware, freight, training and management.

Demo costs are significantly affected by scale i.e. the cost per demo for 100 demos is a lot lower than the cost per demo for 10.

Other things than can increase demo costs are:

  1. Demos in remote locations
  2. Extra long demos (normally they are 3-4 hours)
  3. Multiple products or products with high training needs
  4. Lengthy prep or cooking
  5. High cost artwork and uniforms.
  6. Short lead times (less than 6 weeks)
  7. Short completion period (2 weeks or less)
  8. Stock or buy-in issues

The best way to assess demo costs is to talk with us and describe what you are trying to achieve with your demos and what total budget you would like to allocate. We should be able to give you a good idea of what you can achieve for the budget you have on hand.

And, don’t rule out of sampling options. We have seen great success in running sampling campaigns in locations such as business lunchrooms, hair salons, sports clubs and many other locations where consumers with a common profile can be found.

Chris Coffey
Managing Director
The In Group
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