Green light for sampling at red light

Green light for sampling at red light

The importance of trial for many FMCG brands

Product trial can be an extremely effective way to drive sales of a new product. It reduces risk of purchase and creates a memorable positive experience. This is particularly true in the FMCG space where there is so much competition and it is so hard to get cut through for new products.

Supermarket tastings, sampling and demonstrations are extremely effective tools to quickly drive sales of FMCG products when campaigns are designed and implemented well with strategy and sales in mind. On average, one of our in-store sales sessions will see an interaction: sales conversion rate of around 32%. This is a metric that is hard to beat in any other environment.  

Unfortunately, due to the current ‘red light’ COVID restrictions, product demonstrations cannot go ahead in most supermarkets.

For a number of our FMCG clients this has had a significant impact on their ability to grow their new products and they are seeing performance below forecast and in some cases risk of deletion.

But all is not lost. There are ways we can still give your customers the opportunity to try suitable products outside the supermarket environment – even at Covid red light. We have found that one of the most engaging, yet cost effective, ways is through INSITE mass sampling.

What is INSITE mass sampling?

This is The In Group’s unique ‘contactless’ sampling service. We have connections with over 5000 businesses and organisations that are keen to sample products with provide to them to their staff, clients and members under our direction.  Sampling campaigns are implemented by our contacts at the sites themselves so there is no need for brand ambassadors. These sampling campaigns are fast to implement, very targeted, cost effective and highly engaging. School staff rooms, hair salons, business lunchrooms and coffee groups are proving to be our most popular sampling sites during this time.

 All sites are opted in with actual numbers on site checked. This is particularly relevant during the Omicron surge when so many people are working from home. It also ensures samples get into the correct hands and there is no wastage. Sites are happy to put up advertising and engage in post campaign research and photo competitions. 

Costs depend on the number of sites and weight of product, but usually range from $0.70 to $1.80 per sample.

Reach can be high. A recent INSITE campaign saw 50,000 samples of Nescafe RTD samples delivered CHILLED into hands of target customers with a turnaround of only 2 weeks. 

If you are keen to find out more about INSITE mass sampling, feel free to Contact Us to talk. 

Chris Coffey, Managing Director, The In Group, 021 552 390